Bridgestone Corporation in Japan has defined three priority areas of sustainability for Bridgestone worldwide. These areas establish and implement the company's main economic, social and ethical development activities within the operation in each of the countries where it is present.

Based on these priority areas Bridgestone seeks:


To build trust and respect in the communities by contributing to a safer society, accessible and inclusive education, and promoting healthier communities.


To build trust and respect in the communities and among employees by contributing to make society safer with inclusive education and making the communities in which Bridgestone operates healthier.


To create value through environmentally-friendly products and services contributing to the building of a more sustainable society, while engaging in efforts to reduce the company’s own environmental loads.

In order to reinforce its vision to sustainability and permeate its importance in the entire region, in 2015, it was strengthened the Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Department for the Bridgestone Latin America North region as a key tool to implement actions and achieve concrete results in the priority areas established.

Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Department bases its activities on the recent Sustainability Model, which is established by Bridgestone Corporation in Japan. The model adapts the three aspects encompassed in its vision, which are in turn aligned to the ISO 26000 (international standards of Social Responsibility). Core subjects are related to: Organization Governance, Human Rights, Labor Practices, Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, Community Involvement and Development.