Bridgestone Latinoamérica



Globally, Bridgestone has a governance structure that allows it to maintain transparency and trust with its stakeholders.


Bridgestone’s ethics and the global and regional compliance programs are based on the following five pillars:


Bridgestone engages leaders, managers, and supervisors throughout the organization on ethics and compliance to ensure employees act with integrity in everything they do.

Risk assessment:

Bridgestone takes a riskbased approach in designing the ethics and compliance program.

Standards and controls:

Bridgestone has a Code of Conduct, Global Anti-Bribery Policy and other global and regional standards and controls.

Training and communication:

Bridgestone communicates with employees and helps them learn in a variety of ways, including e-learning, in-person, and other training that is risk-based and designed for targeted audiences.

Monitoring and responding:

The ethics and compliance program provides multiple channels for employees and others to report allegations.