Bridgestone Latin America North, BS-LAN.

Bridgestone Corporation

Bridgestone is a Japanese company dedicated to the production and marketing of tires and diversified products, and is committed to Serving Society with Superior Quality through its operations, corporate activities, internal policies, and service to stakeholders. These aspects are in alignment with the corporate philosophy: The Bridgestone Essence.

Corporate Philosophy

Bridgestone’s corporate philosophy offers a guide to building better products as well as better communities. Bridgestone’s mission, values, and commitment to sustainability and innovation define who we are, driving us to remain the global leader in tire technology and other diversified products.


Bridgestone’s mission came about as a result of the commitment of its founder, Shojiro Ishibashi, to Serve Society with Superior Quality.

Since beginning as a small tire supplier in Japan in 1930, and through the present day as a leading global company, Bridgestone has always worked with the conviction that it can make the world a better place. At a time when others were focused primarily on generating profits, Shojiro Ishibashi believed that a company that contributes to society will always be successful.

The Bridgestone Essence

To achieve its mission, Bridgestone has established a set of shared values called Foundations, which demonstrate our commitment to providing customers with products and services of the best quality while giving back to the communities in which we operate. The Bridgestone Essence is comprised of the philosophy of the company’s founder, our corporate culture, and the diversity that the company has achieved.

In Figures

Corporate Office

  • 20% Japan
  • 40% The Americas
  • 13% Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa
  • 27% China, Asia Pacific and Oceania


USD 32.18

Sales by Business Segment and Market4:

  • 19% Japan
  • 47% The Americas
  • 19% Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa
  • 15% China, Asia Pacific and Oceania
  • 16% Diversified products
  • 84% Tires

Tire Production5
Total 1.84
million tonnes.

  • 27% Japan
  • 32% The Americas
  • 20% Europe, Russia, Middle East, and Africa
  • 21% China, Asia Pacific and Oceania

(1), (2), (4) y (5) As of December 31, 2019.
(3) Based on the rate of ¥109.56 to USD$1.00, the approximate year-end rate.