Bridgestone Latin America North, BS-LAN.

Priority Areas


In the fast-changing world of mobility, the Bridgestone Group is pioneering solutions that benefit end-users, customers, and society. High-performance Mobility can improve quality of life in cities with better public transportation, reduced congestion and traffic-related accidents, and increased accessibility.


Safe Transportation

Utilizing unique technologies to enhance safe mobility.


Accessible Mobility

Making smooth and seamless mobility available.


Smart Mobility

Utilizing unique technologies to improve the way people and goods move.


Bridgestone Corporation strives to make a positive impact on the communities where it operates worldwide. The company is delivering on its People commitments by investing in a safer society, supporting accessible and inclusive education, and promoting healthier communities.


Contributing to a Safer Society

Building safer communities through services, products, and Company and individual initiatives.


Promoting Healthier Communities

Promoting access to the resources people need to lead healthier lives.


Accessible and Inclusive Education

Expanding education and training opportunities to develop job and life skills.


With the social and environmental impact of climate change, resource depletion, and biodiversity loss becoming more pronounced, Bridgestone Corporation has established a framework to address these challenges and to contribute to ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations.


In Harmony with Nature

To contribute to biodiversity through habitat enhancement, and through enviromental education and research.


Reduce CO2 Emissions

To continually reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2 from our products’ complete lifecycle.


Value Natural Resources

To continually improve natural resource conservation through operational improvements and product design.