Bridgestone Latinoamérica

Sustainable Development Goals

Salud y bienestar
  • Tire safety check service.
  • Driver education programs that promote road safety and trafc accident prevention.
Educación de calidad
  • Support for Inclusive and Accessible Education through partnerships, volunteering, and other initiatives.
  • Digital workshops and school supplies for girls and boys.
Igualdad de género
  • Promotion of diverse and inclusive workplaces in line with the Global Human Rights Policy and the implementation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or Worker Afnity Groups.
Agua limpia y saneamiento
  • Water stewardship plan that reduces water consumption at manufacturing facilities.
  • Effluent treatment in all plants and use of wastewater for the production processes.
Energía Asequible y No Contaminante
  • Generation and use renewable energy.
  • Constant update and replacement of production equipment to reduce CO₂ emissions.
  • Introduction of lower rolling resistance tires for better fuel economy.
  • Energy efciency improvement in the manufacturing processes.
Trabajo Decente y Crecimiento Económico
  • Safe working conditions and development opportunities for employees.
  • Constant communication and employee training to promote industrial health and safety.
Industria, Innovación e Infraestructur
  • Recycling business exploration and program expansion towards a circular economy.
Producción y Consumo Responsables
  • Resource productivity improvement and waste reduction throughout total tire life by increasing the use of retread tires.
  • Reduction and recycling of plant-generated solid waste.
Acción por el clima
  • Development and expansion of programs that promote carbon neutrality.
  • Support for initiatives to respond to natural disasters in the communities.
Vida de ecosistemas terrestres
  • Support for forest reforestation initiatives.
  • Efforts to strengthen biodiversity conservation.
Paz, Justicia e Instituciones Sólidas
  • Code of Conduct that covers a broad range of ethics and compliance topics, including anti-corruption and anti-bribery.
Alianzas para lograr los objetivos
  • Partnerships with government agencies and non-governmental organizations to carry out joint projects.